Cichy, Joanna

Research interests focus on the role of proteolytic enzymes and their inhibitors in regulation of immune responses with a particular emphasis on the mechanisms underlying autoimmunity. Major current focus include; i/ understanding the molecular interplay between proteases, protease inhibitors  and neutrophil, macrophage and DCs function in inflammatory diseases, ii/ understanding the role of proteolitically controlled antimicrobial protein-chemerin in skin pathophysiology.

Models available:

  • Psoriasis (human and mouse)
  • SLE (human),
  • Skin-infection (mouse),
  • Human samples (blood & tissue).

Cells available:

  • Neutrophils,
  • Macrophages,
  • Plasmocytoid dendritic cells

Technology available:

Flow cytometry (9-colour LSRII), magnetic cell sorting (AutoMacs), Fluorescence microscopy (Nikon), 3D (organotypic) cultures of human keratinocytes, Transwell chemotaxis assays. Cutaneous infection model. Mouse models (KO) to study role of proteolytic enzymes and their inhibitors in myeloid cells.  

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

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  4. Gibb DR, El Shikh M, Kang DJ, Rowe WJ, El Sayed R, Cichy J, Yagita H, Tew JG, Dempsey PJ, Crawford HC, Conrad DH. (2010) ADAM10 is essential for Notch2-dependent marginal zone B cell development and CD23 cleavage in vivo. J Exp Med. 207(3):623-35. IF=15.

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