Drabczyk-Pluta, Malgorzata

Models available:

  • Friend virus (FV) infection (mouse) provide an excellent model for the characterisation of immune response against acute and chronic retroviral infection.
  • Immune response against influenza virus (mouse).
  • Immune response against Friend virus induced tumor (mouse).

Cells available:

  • Characterisation of the influence of regulatory T cells (Tregs), inhibitory ligands, and myeloid derived supressor cells (MDSCs) on the regulation of virus-specific T cell immune responses.
  • Immunomodulation and experimenthal immunotherapy directed on above mentioned inhibitory factors in order to restore the virus-specific or tumor-specific T cells.

Technology available:

  • Flow cytometry (up to 13-colours).
  • Isolation of different populations of immune cells and in vitro functional characterisation.
  • In vivo and in vitro analysis of immunomodulatory factors directed at antigen-specific T cells.
  • In vivo analysis of antigen-specific cellular cytotoxicity of T cells.

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

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