Ler, Daria

Research that I have done so far and my ongoing projects, referred to studies related to the field of molecular oncology and pathology as well as immunogenetics, and are closely associated with potential clinical trials in order to improve the diagnosis/prognosis of the disease and its targeted therapy. Research projects were and are directed to exploring and finding new potential biomarkers in cancers on molecular level.

Models available:

Breast cancer
Colorectal cancer

Cells available:

  • MCF7
  • MDA MB 324
  • HeLa

Technology available:

  • Molecular diagnostics: Real Time PCR- RotorGene Eppendorf and basic equipment for molecular genetic prepartion of samples ie PCR mastercycler, centrifuges, laminar flow, thermomixer etc.
  • Pathohistology: immunochemistry assays, pathological microskops, microtom.
  • Biochemistry: Advia CentaurCP Immunoassay system - Siemens, BA400 Biosystems for biochemistry, ABXMicrosES60 CBC.

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

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