Saura, Josep

Research interests focus on neuroinflammation with a particular interest on 1) transcription factors that regulate proinflammatory gene expression in activated microglia (C/EBPs) and 2) neuron-microglia cross-talk inhibitory molecules (CD200R, TREM2). Our aim is the discovery and development of strategies to modulate the neurotoxic effects of exacerbated/chronic microglial activation. 

Models available:

Mice: C/EBPbeta ko, C/EBPdelta ko, LysM-Cre-C/EBPbfl

Disease models: Neuroinflammation (LPS ip), Experimental autoimmune encephalitis, ME7 prion mouse model

Cells available:

  • Primary murine cultures: microglial, astroglial, mixed glial, neuronal-microglial co-cultures. Ex-vivo microglia from adult mouse brain

Technology available:

Relevant functional assays:

  • Determination of gene expression by Real time-PCR, Western-blot, immunocytochemistry, immunohistochemistry, determination of NO production, RNAseq, microglial-induced in vitro neurotoxicity, phagocytosis, ELISA, ChIP

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

  1. Saura J (2007) Microglial cells in astroglial cultures: a cautionary note. J Neuroinflammation 4; 26. 

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