Suljagic, Mirza

Research interests focus on studying behaviour of MRCs in malignant neoplasms of blood.

Technology available:

  • Cell culture lab , more than 25 cell lines (and good collaboration with Sarajevo clinical center for primary samples), 
  • Inverted/immunofluorescence microscopy, PCR and qPCR, Microplate readers, Chemiluminascence imager as a part of a routine molecular biology lab (apart from centrifuges, -80C freezers, shakers, incubators, sterilization rooms etc.)
  • We have in plan to establish a small animal house (mice only) but we are at initial steps of preparing project documentation.

Key publications related to Mye-EUNITER:

  1. Iacovelli S, Hug E, Bennardo S, Duehren-von Minden M, Gobessi S, Rinaldi A, Suljagic M, Bilbao D, Bolasco G, Eckl-Dorna J, Niederberger V, Autore F, Sica S, Laurenti L, Wang H, Cornall RJ, Clarke SH, Croce CM, Bertoni F, Jumaa H, Efremov DG. Two types of BCR interactions are positively selected during leukemia development in the E!-TCL1 transgenic mouse model of CLL. Blood. 2015 Jan 6. pii: blood-2014-07-587790.

  2. Mirza Suljagic, Luca Laurenti, Michela Tarnani, Muhammad Alam, Sami N Malek, and Dimitar G Efremov Reduced expression of the tumor suppressor PHLPP1 enhances the antiapoptotic B-cell receptor signal in chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells (2010) Leukemia 24, 2063–2071

  3. Mirza Suljagic, Pablo G. Longo, Sara Bennardo, Emerald Perlas, Giuseppe Leone, Luca Laurenti and Dimitar G. Efremov The Syk Inhibitor Fostamatinib Disodium (R788) Inhibits Tumor Growth in the E!-TCL1 Transgenic Mouse Model of CLL by Blocking Antigen-Dependent B Cell Receptor Signaling (2010), Blood 116: 4894-4905

  4. M. Suljagic, M. Tarnani, M. Alam, S.N. Malek, L. Laurenti, D.G. Efremov - Lack of PHLPP1 expression in CLL B cells leads to enhanced AKT activation in response to B-cell receptor stimulation. Haematologica/the hematology journal Vol.94 n.3 - 2009 p.S42, Official Organ of the European Hematology Association

  5. N. Keseloglu, D. Ler, D. Efremov, M. Suljagic - Loss of PHLPP1 tumor suppressor enhances BCR-induced pro-survival signaling in chronic lymphocytic leukemia ”, PERIODICUM BIOLOGORUM, Vol 114, no. s1 p76, 2012.