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Member announcement: FOCIS European Advanced Course

FOCIS Comes to Europe!

17-19 October 2016 - Venue: Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

After years of success in the U.S., we are excited to bring our most popular educational course to Europe in 2016! The European Advanced Course in Basic & Clinical Immunology will be held at the Institut Pasteur in Paris from October 17-19! Join us for the unique opportunity to engage and network with the world-renowned faculty throughout the course all while receiving an update on the fundamental concepts in immunology.
Registration Now Open!

A program featuring industry leaders from around the globe will give you a clinical spin on major topics in cellular and molecular immunology. With Paris as a background for innovative presentations emphasizing mechanisms of human disease and immune therapies, spots are sure to be in high demand. Register now to guarantee a place in the first-ever European Advanced Course!